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Revision #1.211006

* Additional outputs in the Vin decoder 'Active Safety Systems' section.

* Minor corrections and fixes.

Revision #1.201113

* Added BAR to PSI to vehicle conversion tools

* Small corrections and fixes.

Revision: # 1.200706

* Mobile version enhancements.

* Some small corrections and fixes.

Revision: # 1.200619

* Several website semantic standards improved, plus other fixes.

* Corrected some category titles on the spec pages.

* Specific vehicle VIN information pages added: BMW VIN decoder, Opel VIN decoder and Vauxhall VIN decoder.

* Increased significantly the information returned on VIN decoder result page.

* Other corrections and fixes.

Revision: # 1.200527

* Initial release.

* Improved mobile compatibility with adjusted CSS declarations.

* Added conditional 'Save as PDF' option to the VIN decoder results page.