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Amstrad PC 3286

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Specifications & details

Description: Amstrad PC 3286 IBM compatible personal home computer.

Manufacture: Amstrad PLC, Fleet House, River Way, Harlow, Essex CM20 2EE (from user guide).

Production Date: 4-Sept-1992 (this unit).

Processor: Intel 80286 16MHz

Memory: 1024k (Base memory: 640k, Extended memory: 384k)

Floppy Drives: 1x 5.25 (1.2 MB) and 1x 3.5 floppy drive (1.44 MB). No hard drive.

Video Adapter: Paradise VGA integrated into motherboard. Supports: Extended VGA, MDA, CGA, Hercules, EGA, MCGA, VGA, Enhanced VGA.

Parallel Port: Standard centronics 25-way, D-type connector.

Serial Port: Standard RS232 25-way, D-type connector.

Expansion Slots: 2x full-size ISA 16 bit. 1x full-size ISA 8 bit. 1x half-size ISA 16 bit. 1x half-size ISA 8 bit.

Power Unit: 145w Amstrad/Delta brand. SMP-145CB

BIOS: IBM PC/AT 05/29/90

Operating System: MS-DOS 3.03

Base Unit Serial Num: 531 0813773

Box Contents: 1x PC3286 base unit, 102-key enhanced keyboard (Amstrad branded with PS/2 connector plug), User Manual/MS-DOS Guide, 2x 5.25 'System Disk' floppy disks, 1x 3.5 'System Disk' (part num: 30010).

Contents pictures

Amstrad PC 3286 contents

Amstrad PC 3286 keyboard

Amstrad PC 3286 user guide

Base unit pictures

Amstrad PC 3286 [base front]

Amstrad PC 3286 [base back]

Inside base unit

Amstrad PC 3286 [inside #1]

Amstrad PC 3286 [inside #2]

Amstrad PC 3286 [power supply]

Amstrad PC 3286 [inside #3]

Amstrad PC 3286 [inside #4]

Amstrad PC 3286 [inside #5]

Amstrad PC 3286 [inside #6]

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