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Amstrad Accounts Master

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Description (from box cover)

'Designed specifically for small to medium size business, AccountsMaster streamlines accounting procedure for maximum efficiency. As well as being very easy to use, AccountsMaster comes ready to go. This is achieved by the use of a pre-set coding structure for your chart of accounts, which means, unlike most other systems, you don't waste time setting up your general ledger headings.'

'Included in the AccountsMaster package are five integrated, simple-to-use modules covering SALES, PURCHASE and GENERAL LEDGERS together with INVOICING and STOCK CONTROL. Suitable for hard disk drive versions only. For more information on other Amstrad PC Software shown here, please telephone our Literature Line on 0277 ...'

Details (from box contents)

Production Date: 1987

Product Number: SOFT 50021

Bar Code (on box): 5 013413 500215

Developer/Publisher: SAPPHIRE INT. PLC.

Address: AMSTRAD PLC, Brentwood House, 169 Kings Road, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4EF

Copyright Holder: SAPPHIRE INT (software) AMSTRAD PLC (AccountsMaster name)

System Requirements: 'Amstrad PC1512 and PC1640 and all other IBM PC compatibles with 5.25 or 3.5 drive and hard disk.'

Box Contents: 238-page Amstrad AccountsMaster User Guide (integrated into box), 5x floppy-discs, User Registration card, Promo Leaflet from SAPPHIRE International.

Disc Formats: 3.5-inch (720 KB) diskettes & 5.25-inch (360 KB) diskettes.

Box pictures

Amstrad Accounts Master [box front]

Amstrad Accounts Master [box back]

Amstrad Accounts Master [box side]

Amstrad Accounts Master [box inside]

Box contents

Amstrad Accounts Master [box contents]

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