XVEA Vehicle Info :: Universal VIN Decoder for All Automobiles

Universal Vehicle VIN Decoder

Example (Tesla): 5YJ3E1EAXHF000316

About the XVEA VIN decoder

This VIN decoder will extract vehicle information derived from a valid sequence of 17-characters as entered for the Vehicle Identification Number (the VIN code). Using ISO 3779 and ISO 3780 (WMI) standards for the VIN number decode, the tool is applicable for world-wide vehicles.

An additional vehicle-history report is also available provided by carVertical LLC - an NMVTIS authorized provider of vehicle history reports.

This Universal Vin lookup tool is one of several vehicle-information tools from the Exhaustless Vehicles Engineering Association (XVEA.org).

Where to find the vehicle VIN code

The location of a VIN code, or VIN information plate, is mostly universal for all vehicles. The default location for modern vehicles is at the top right or left of the dash visible through the windshield. Other common VIN code positions are shown below and consist of 17 characters (letters and numbers only). Simply enter these characters into the Vin lookup tool above.

VIN code plate locations

A. Top right or left of the dash and visible through windshield (this is the default location for most cars, and commonly called the "public VIN".)

B. Side or top of suspension strut, visible under the hood.

C . Inner door jamb sections.

#. Legal documents for the vehicle, such as the Title, Insurance Card or a Log book.

Vehicles covered by the VIN tool

All car makes from all countries are covered by the VIN lookup tool.

The optional 'Vehicle History Check' results are geared toward cars from North America and Europe.

VIN information for specific vehicles

BMW | Opel | Vauxhall

Noco Battery Booster


Revision #1.230215

* Additional outputs for the Vin decoder.

Revision #1.211006

* Additional outputs for the Vin decoder.

* Minor corrections and fixes.

Revision #1.201113

* Minor corrections and fixes.

* Added BAR to PSI tool to Vehicle Conversion Tools

Revision #1.200706

* Mobile version enhancements.

* Some corrections and fixes.

Revision #1.200619

* Specific vehicle VIN information pages added.

* Corrections and fixes.

* More data for the VIN decoder output.

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